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Our Videographer does a fantastic job of catching every angle of your event to make sure the final video has the memories you want. He also works closely with business customers to create the advertisement they need to promote their business.


Downtown Caldwell, KS



What Sam Does

  • Video Storyteller: creates video from scratch for both businesses and within the company

  • Wedding Video Master: helps memorize memories for both Bride and Grooms by telling their story with video

  • Master of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects

  • Wants to produce the best, high quality, video he possibly can

  • Animaton efficato: wither its motion graphics or stop motion, it will look amazing

Who He Is

  • He is a dog dad, Edna, or "Ned" for short, is his sidekick for everything.

  • He runs a YouTube Channel called Locker 74 Productions, primarily LEGO Stop Motion animation. He's worked with many brands, including The LEGO Group 

  • A creative style with a splash of old man.

  • He has no kids, but he has a cool niece. which is just as cool.

  • He's watched the Addams Family Values more than any human should

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